Published as a fully conceived "theory of everything" Metaphysical/Theological premise in the fall/winter of 2010-2011, AutoGenesisism is an examination that presents an ambitious redefinition of the primordial foundations of physical existence - ultimately requiring the development of a complete departure from all traditional narratives and agreed-upon reality anchors associated with the principle wisdom infrastructure that has guided the human race and its search for self over the last 6,000+ years. Based on the idea that indivisible unitary physical existence consists of the symbiotic relationship between the unit of event (which exist as associated standardized units with an event trajectory) and the unit of information (which exist in fact clusters that emerge in immediate association with each event trajectory representing the existence of that trajectory as a factual occurrence), AutoGenesisism builds to reveal the scalable and reliable physical structural matrix that ultimately provides the emergence of material existence (physical matter), and with that, the corporeal realm and the incompatible (yet contextually associated) informational realm (traditionally referred to as the spirit realm), with both realms comprising the whole of what is referred to as a "full contextual environment" or reality confine.

With this conceptual basis establshed, Auto-G goes on to detail the emergence of each primary form of corporeal existence (matter, replicative/procreative life, brain-equipped life forms and the corporeal human being) and each primary form of informational existence (residual information, dynamic response, dynamic intellect, and the specific development and physical nature of humanity's own uber-sentient intellect expression; the Symbio-Dynamic Intellect whole), and how the existential imperative (Survival) drew each progressive development stage forward from what was - at one instant - a literal absence of physical existence.

Major Topics of Examination include:

  • Context and Contextual Ramification
  • The Hierarchy of Contextual Association
  • The Role of Identity as a Primordial Imperative (Survival) Expression
  • Gender Qualifiers and Their Role in Progressive Development
  • Truth, Logic, and the Genesis of Physical Existence
  • The Event Unit's Battle With Oblivion as a Progressive Development Driver
  • Full Contextual Environments and the Unit Rate of Change
  • The Symbiotic Relationship Between Activity and Information
  • Residual Information's Role in Progressive Development
  • Dynamic Information (DI) - The Hybridization of The Event Trajectory and The Informational Continuum
  • Dynamic Intellect - DI Takes Command of its Own Progressive Development
  • The Human Being - Standing Alone as Nature's Epitome Existential Expression
  • The Nature of Fact Versus Perception - The Conceptual Emergence of Subjectivity
  • The Initiation of the Gestational Sub-Environment - The Ultimate Procreative Expression

While AutoGenesisim is a true theological examination, what is also true is that the progressive development chain that it presents requires no creator being - in fact, insisting that the original progression initiated without the existence of intelligence or any form of consciousness - and once initiated, no intelligent guidance is ever utilized, nor is it even possible for such interference to exist within the Gestational Sub-Environment (where each new full environment develops specifically to achieve an ultimate outcome; the emergence of one Symbio-Dynamic Intellect being as if from a gestational placenta. That said, while serving as a true theological examination, Auto-G asserts that Earth's human race (as well as all versions of humanity that exist as corporeal or post-corporeal), its universe and/or universes, potential dimensions, corporeal and informational (spiritual) realms, and whatever may exist beyond our perceptions or imaginations, was initiated by a Symbio-Dynamic Intellect being as the gestational placenta (Gestational Sub-Environment) for an eventual Symbio-Dynamic Intellect being - which is referred to as Man.

AutoGenesisism suggests a fully integrated reality structure that clears up all contradictions that presently exist between traditional and emerging theories involving particle and quantum physics, theologies and metaphysical indications, hard science and philosophy. and the "why" involving humanity's belligerent insistence concerning the existence of a creator and its own eternal nature.

For more on AutoGenesisism

Taking Down the Curtain - detailing AutoGenesisism

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