Vampires are one of the most common so called "mythocal" creatures in the world. Unlike popular belief they are not the living dead, but they aren't entirely alive. They have blood like humans. They generally live up in the magnitude of 2000 years, but in certain circumstances can live indefinitely. Preteens are 150-200, teens 200-500, then progressing into full adulthood and aging at approximately 1/25 of the rate of humans. They have a large diversity in appearance, rather than the stereotypical image often portrayed.  Their humanoid semblance is due to a similar DNA genome.They are capable of reproduction. Vampires predominately consume blood, but are capable of ingesting other food.They have a wide variety of abilities exceeding those of humans.

They pocess the ability to transform into a bat. They also have superhaman strength, night vision, and smell, as well as an extreme tolerance for cold temperatures. Vampires are also commonly purported to have supernatural agility, a powerful hypnotic influence over humans, an influence of the weather, and an ability to phase through small cracks in walls and doors. Vampires often manipulate their victims to submit to their feeding; in doing so  ascribing vampiric powers to their victim. Vampires are terribly strong, but do have limitations a weakness. 

Contrary to common beliefs vampires cannot be killed by a cross, but they are repulsed by them much like garlic. One of the main limitations of vampires is the weakening effect sunlight has. During the day nearly all a vampire's powers are curtailed and generally weaker, though still more powerful than a human in most cases. However, vampires are not burned or destroyed when in contact with sunlight. Vampire's also have some limitation in travel only being able to cross running water at either the high or the low tide, and needing an invitation to enter a home or other premise initially. The only way to vanquish a vampire with certainty is to drive an ashen stake through their heart. 

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