Elder Futhark is the oldest Runic Language. It was used by Germanic Tribes. Inscriptions in Elder Futhark are usually found on artifacts dating back from the 2nd to the 8th century. 

Elder Futhark Alphabet
A: ElderFutharkA
B: ElderFutharkB
C: ElderFutharkC (Shares with K)
D: ElderFutharkD
E: ElderFutharkE
F: ElderFutharkF
G: ElderFutharkG
H: ElderFutharkH
I: ElderFutharkI
J: ElderFutharkJ
K: ElderFutharkC (Shares with C)
L: ElderFutharkL
M: ElderFutharkM
N: ElderFutharkN
O: ElderFutharkO
P: ElderFutharkP
Q: ElderFutharkQ
R: ElderFutharkR
S: ElderFutharkS
T: ElderFutharkT
U: ElderFutharkU
V: ElderFutharkV
W: ElderFutharkW
X: ElderFutharkX
Y: ElderFutharkY
Z: ElderFutharkZ

Many of its runes are used as protective symbols, and are usually placed on protective amulets.

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