Electronic Voice Phenomena, also referred to as EVPs, are voices found on electronic recordings and they sometimes resemble speech. 

EVP's are usually heard in recordings that have static, stray radio transmissions or plain background noises. They are usually attributed with the paranormal.


Electronic Voice Phenomena are generally classified into 4 categories:

Class A voice phenomenonEdit

Class A EVPs are those considered to be obviously distinguishable as speech by more than one individual. Class A EVPs are the rarest of all classifications.

Class B voice phenomenonEdit

Class B EVPs are distinguishable as speech, though words or sounds cannot clearly be made out or identified. Class B EVPs are the most commonly captured electronic voice phenomena.

Class C voice phenomenonEdit

Class C EVPs are those which can be identified as paranormal, though sounds may not be able to be identified.

Class D voice phenomenonEdit

Class D EVPs (also commonly referred to as Class G meaning "garbage" or Class R) are phenomenon not distinguishable as paranormal or ordinary. Class D's are normally not usable for investigative purposes.

In some paranormal groups, Class D EVPs are called Class G meaning "garbage" in reference to the inability to use them for investigation, or Class R, which refers to the possibility of finding something if the recording is played in reverse.

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