Hooded figures of Bridgend are a group of people commonly tormenting youngsters and children. They seem to appear and vanish randomlyEdit


They are tall people, around 6ft tall and they are completely covered by blook hooded cloaks. They appear to have no visable body though they definetly do. They never show their faces and the most you will see of their body is a pale, boney hand reaching towards you. Their faces are completely submerged in darkness and no eyes can be seen.Edit


They appear in groups usually consisting of between 5 and 6 individuals. It is unknown whether they are male or female or whether they have a gender at all. People who have seen them say that they are silent and seem to float above the ground, they give of an eerie atmosphere and that they will always harm the people that meat them.

They will appear randomly around individuals - usually teenagers or young adults - one will appear and grab the person from behind and the others will come at the person. They appear mostly at night, in forests and abandoned areas such as warehouses or appartments.

They don't usually kill people, however some witnesses have said that they have seen black hooded people fading away as they approach a body to find the person has had their neck snapped and heart torn out. These black hooded figures appear in areas in Bridgend, Wales but have been spotted in other areas of Wales too.

The CurseEdit

Supposedly, these black hooded figures will curse their victims and/or their family. Anyone who sees these figures have been said to experience violent nightmares and hallucinations. Some have even been said to have 1 or 2 of the figures perminately follow them around bringing chaos wherever the 'cursed' individual goes.

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