Kuro Hana (Japanese 黒花, Black Flower), also known as Kyoto's Black Rose, is a mysterious woman seen around Kyoto or Japan's Kansai region at late night or in the early mornings.

Little is known about Kuro Hana but all sightings or encounter says she is a Japanese woman, but tall and very desirable in appearance. She has milky white, porcelain skin and silky, raven hair and usually wears darker clothes. Locals are unsure if she is human, ghost or vampire.

Government records show her to be born in 1938 and according to early school photos, she has not aged since reaching adulthood, leading one to believe she is an immortal. Also, several people have been murdered, some with bite marks or gashes, but all have been drained clean of their blood. These murders occur rarely but many suspect it is this mysterious woman. Those who have encountered Kuro Hana say she is very gentle and hardly speaks, but is definitely flesh and blood, ruling out that she is a ghost. But given the evidence, it is likely that she is a born Vampire that lives amongst humans.

She is nicknamed Kuro Hana because of her ominous presence and her inhuman grace and beauty.

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