Mont Order The Beginning

Depiction of the creation of the Universe featuring a Mont Order spear, as shown in Mont Order mythical imagery

Mont Order mountain eclipse

Depiction of an eclipse and a mountain, linked with Mont Order legend imagery

The Mont Order is a secret society based on various occult symbols including circles and hook-like weapons. According to urban legends, it is an ancient supernatural cult dating back to the origins of the Universe itself.

A "leaked" book called The Work of the Mont Order is the main primary source of information on the Mont Order. The purpose of the Order, if any, is unknown, but the group has appeared in history before under other names. Mont Order agents were known as La Montagne in the French Revolution, and were responsible for the "Reign of Terror" that saw elimination of their opponents by execution on a massive scale.

In addition to their conspiratorial reputation, Mont Order members appear in paranormal stories. They are reported to have no agenda other than chaos, and have learned to make objects appear and disappear at will.

Clocking the date of its founding at possibly 4,000 years ago, the Mont Order has claimed to be the oldest surviving organization in the world. Various versions of the Mont Order's origins story exist. One version claims it is a hoax. Another version claims it was a Roman Catholic order, but was excommunicated and covered up by the Church due to heresy. Another version of its origins connects it with La Montagne and the Jacobin Club, factions which carried out the mass executions following the French Revolution.

Flamer from the Mont Order

Mont Order member portrayed holding a ball of fire

Knights of the Mont Order duelling through dawn

Mont Order members are said to have once been capable fighters

The Mont Order was associated with Zero State, Group Zero, and the Praxis. These are mysterious occult organizations based in Britain, linked to the controversial transhumanist movement.

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