December 1994, and Chizuko Tanaka was vacationing in a remote part of Mount Fuji, where her grandmother lived. While driving up into her grandmother's garage, she said she spotted three small humans, which are locally known as "Ritoruenjeru", or "Little Angel". She also said that it looked almost like a "chibi", or what is know in Japan as a miniature-version of an anime character, which are usually used to express emotion. In other words, it almost looked too cartoony. There were two females, and one male. The male, she witnessed, wore samurai-like clothing, and greeted the two women a farewell, as if going off to a battle of some sort. They spoke in the regular Japanese, but also said words that she had never heard before, some didn't even sound Japanese, according to her. Chizuko managed to pick up only a few, like "lefresho" and "dokamin". That night, she told her grandmother, after she asked her several times what had been bothering her the whole time. Her grandmother, or as she refers her to as "Sobo", told Chizuko about a legenday tribe of little warriors that always seemed to be at war. She even said that a few miniature helmets that resembled a samurai's were found in some areas of Okazaki. She even went in to further detail. According to her information, the war between the little people started some centuries ago, when their emperor had declared a new law that the people did not accept. Furious, they attacked the law enforcement base in the forests, in what is now Yuzawa. This angered the emperor and his people. Little did he know, the little people that lived further away from the emperor, had little luxuries.

The thing is, was this story true? Critics simply brush it off as another myth told by the Japanese. However, what explains the helmets and the three "chibis" spotted by Chizuko? It all seems to connect, but it can't be real. Or it can. Two more famous encounters took place, one in the late 1700s. Hiro Akira, a 1700s war general, had just defeated a neighboring village, whom had been attacking his village for weeks. As he approached the western coastline, he said he saw a small person with big eyes looking for food. It had different clothing. Not the usual clothing of his time. In fact, the description almost seemed modern. What could this have been? Another sighting took place during 2004, in Tokyo. The witness described a perfume-like smell, and peeked behind a tree. Three small women bathed in a miniature tub. He said they looked like as if they came straight from a cartoon. They didn't look like real people, but more like anime. They were 2 feet tall, and were completely nude. When they saw him, he heard a long, high-pitched scream. He heard another voice repeating the word "hentai", or "pervert" in Japanese. What could this have been? More accounts seem to pour in each year, but the little beings seem to never show themselves completely. Perhaps, they are scared of us. Marian Channing in an interview said, "I could only imagine what a little person would be thinking if they saw us coming. They would probably be frightened. Think about it, in movies, like Godzilla, the people are screaming at the sight of this massive lizard monster. Imagine you were a "chibi" and saw a normal-sized human coming. Your only two feet tall, and have no defense. That, or your weapons just won't work. This person that's coming is five feet. That's three feet taller, which is like a giant too them."

However, it is reported, these little people have huge ambitions, and every once-in-awhile, attack. In 2000, John Woodsman was vacationing in Japan for the summer, when a group of little people came up to him, and brought him down. He said he was held hostage for three weeks, being tormented, but minimal damage was done. He managed to observe some of their activities. They spoke Japanese, and would do things any regular person would be doing. Some women did the laundry, while children played, who sometimes looked at him in awe. Some of them would make lover to each other, and some of them would fight. After three weeks of no food and water, a man and his seeing-eye dog sniffed out something odd. It was John, who was trapped 15 feet down into a hole. Thedog barked loudly, and his owner, being blind, could not see him, but tried to follow the sound of his bark. Soon, the dog dug John out, and he was saved. He was later treated to a feast by the dog's owner, who was almost too delighted to see him eat his cooking with so much pleasure. Some days later, a group of experts found the hole, and said it looked like a miniature house, with furniture and everything. However, the people were nowhere to be found.

So, what are these people? No one knows, but if we may know in the future, it is definitely an amazing find.

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