I have been experiencing some strange things lately. It started with a friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous). A while after she came over (to stay with us for awhile), she noticed a dark mass in the bathroom. This began to escalate, as she and my sister have heard scratching in their room. After that, the dark mass has, apparently, moved from the bathroom to just outside of their room. We took precautions; purifying rock quartz crystals, bringing in amethyst, burning candles with sage in them, etc. Just recently, however, the amethyst was proven to be in vain, as at about 3:00 on the 18th of December we heard a loud thump, and then my friend saw that the amethyst had moved from the cabinet to above the toilet. No one else was awake. Please help. I have received notice that my friend has a friendly imp that follows her, but we are not entirely convinced that it is that.

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