Vampyres, AKA Hybrid Vampires, are a hybrid of a Psy Vampire and a Classical Vampire.


Vampyres are pale, with hypnotizing eyes. They have a red mane around green, icey blue, red or yellow eyes. They have long fingernails. They are drop-dead gorgeous. They dress in black and dislike the sun. They have dark hair. They have long, sharp cat teeth.


  • Immortality - They live about the same life as we do, albeit a 10-20 year difference.
  • Flight - Due to the Psy side of things they cannot fly.
  • Shapeshifting - They have also lost the shapeshifting ability to become bats.
  • They are stronger, faster, can see better at night, and can survive the daylight. Also holy water and stakes do not affect either classical or hybrid vampires.


  • Sunlight - most resistant to sunlight. direct sunlight burns (sunburns) a Vampyre. Too much can give one bad hives though.
  • They have reflections same as classical vampires.
  • Wooden stakes - Wooden stakes kill Vampyres just as they kill people.
  • Garlic - Garlic is strong in smell, so it is often avoided.
  • Crossess - Vampyres are not reppelled by crosses due to popular belief..
  • Holy Water - Holy Water burns Vampyres.


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