Villisca Axe Murder House: the most haunted house, known for the unsolved murders there!

On June 10, 1912, 8 people were found murdered in a residence in Villisca, Iowa. Father Josiah Moore, his wife Sarah, their four children Herman,Boyd, Paul, and Katherine, as well as two neighborhood girls, Lena and Ina Stillinger, were all found hacked to death with an axe. There were many suspects, including Iowa Stae Senator Frank Jones, a few serial killers, and a pedophilic priest. The killer(s) was believed to be hiding either in the kids' closet upstairs or in the attic. The killer(s) were never caught. the killer(s) were belived to have killed the four Moore children, then Josiah and Sarah Moore, then, as the killer(s) were leaving, the two Stillinger girls in the downstairs guest room, then left. Ironically enough, there were several other unsolved murders in three other states very similar to the murders that took the then innocence of Villisca,Iowa.

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